Monday, January 9, 2012

(Giveaway) Majalah ePop Januari + Kalendar 2012

Hi everyone. 안녕하세요~
Now it is 2012 already. So, I think this is the better time to give something to visitor of this blog.

For this blog first giveaway, Malay epop magazine January 2012 edition with the 2012 Kpop Calendar might be yours.

info >>

Front page of the calendar

I know epop January '12 edition is quite pricey because of the calendar but once I see the calendar I'm really happy with the quality of the calendar. Yeah, because I don't care about date actually. Just the pictures of many Kpop idols make me very happy. I will add the calendar picture later.

Giveaway period: 12:00am 7th January - 11:59pm 14th January 2012

How to join this giveaway:

1. LIKE myKorean Wave Collection facebook page.
2. Follow Twitter @tomykwc
3. Leave your fb & twitter id in the comment box
fb: mykoreanwave
twitter: @tomkykwc

How will you can get more chance to win:

1. Share video ini di wall facebook anda. 1 point per share. Maksimum 2 point untuk 2 share.
Jangan lupa tag facebook mykoreanwave dan url. Pastikan anda setting share anda 'public'.

2. Tweet tentang giveaway ini. 1 point per tweet. Maksimum 2 point untuk 2 tweet berbeza. (Optional)

Bestnya kalau dapat kalendar epop 2012 ni @tomykwc

Twitter anda mestilah unprotected (public) dan minimum 20 follower.

3. Buat blog post tentang giveaway ini. (optional)
2 point untuk entri anda. Sila letakkan link entri anda di bahagian komen.

The magazine and calendar will be posted to Malaysia address only.

Pemenang akan dipilih menggunakan Jadi, makin banyak point yang anda kumpul, makin besarlah peluang untuk anda menang. Hehehe. All the best to all of you.